Oriental Dragon & Fine Art Galleries of DraSan' Nitti

Welcome to Silver Dragon Studio & Gallery

Silver Dragon Studio, Martinsville, INThank you for visiting my online gallery. My studio is tucked in the beautiful hills of Martinsville, Indiana, just a stones throw from Brown County. The beautiful landscapes, barns, covered bridges and wildlife are an endless inspiration.


I am inspired by nature and paint in hopes of capturing a moment of the changing seasons, the fleeting light or a certain mood and my impression of its beauty. Please browse through my galleries of watercolor and pastel paintings.

Beauty Expressed

"When the hand, the eye and the hand arrive together, there under the brush, the spirit is expressed."

-- T'ang Painting

Oriental Dragons

Oriental Dragons

Oriental Dragon Prints Personalized with your first name in Chinese Calligraphy.

Capture the Spirit of the Oriental Dragon
Oriental Dragon Calligraphy
The Dragon represents the Spirit of Asia, Symbolizing Power
Signifying Success & Triumph.

It is believed that wherever the dragon is placed, good fortune will certainly follow.